Our Hospital Management System Uses Cloud Technology to manage all hospital functions integrating a hybrid cloud
approach and accessable over web and also by mobile devices and Excellent user Friendly Interface Saving paper work and Time,
and this System provides different Module to enable hospital staffs to manager for Immediate Access of data, give facility of different types of Enquiry.

Key Features List:

  • In-Patient Management
  • O.T. Management
  • Out Patient Management
  • Doctor Schedule & Appointments
  • Diagnostic and Laboratory Management
  • Pharmacy with Inventory
  • Inventory Control System
  • System Security & Software Management
  • M.I.S Report
  • Accident & Emergency Care
  • Client Management & Credit Control
  • Blood Bank management System
  • Referral System
  • Hospital Support Function System
  • System Administration Functions

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Mbyllet a word that makes us feel well.” ‘Mbyllet’ is a cloud based ‘HMIS’ (Hospital Management Information System) built on the world's largest enterprise level content management system ‘TYPO3’. We have come up with ‘mbyllet to provide you a fully customizable ‘HMIS’. This is not only built for the ease of the ERP administrator, rather it also prioritizes all other individual department abstraction. Our system stands beyond your expectation as it works on plug and play module, so that it can fit into all type of client requirements. We are providing a unique solution which can replace all your hurdles you faces with your pen and paper system. Mbyllet is a system which is adjustable with hospitals of all sizes. With all these functionality it is also built with an excellent features of generating auto alerts, notifications as well which in turn can help the communication between all the individual departments.

Why Mbyllet? What makes it different?

We stand distinct in providing solutions to every possible problems of our client in our own way. We have a system equipped with all the latest functionality including cloud based data backup, security and in terms of support. The clear differences can be illustrated by evaluating and understanding the following differences:-

  • Cloud based systems in comparison to local systems

Using a cloud based system backups are not the responsibility of the hospital but the responsibility lies with us. As we move ever further into the digital age, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the old adage 'Knowledge is power' has taken on the more modern and accurate form: 'Data is money'. Hidden within the millions of bits of data that surround your customer transactions and business process are nuggets of invaluable, actionable information which can be lost instantly forever. By aligning with us, your data is just waiting to be identified and acted upon. This can be only achieved from a cloud based systems. 

Think of a hospital using a localized or centralized system which always has the need to maintain a manual data backup on a regular basis. In case there is a failure in maintaining manual data backup for a continuous week because of some reason, then imagine the situation the hospital faces if the data gets corrupted or is lost during this time. In case of our system, maintaining backups and coming to assistance in above scenarios is our responsibility. Hence you can sit back and relax without any worry about the security and availability of your system. 

  • Security

Security is one the most challenging problems these days in the cyber world. Keeping this as our priority we have developed this system using one of the highly secured enterprise level systems which makes it unhackable. This becomes an even bigger concern with a system like this where patient information has to be kept discrete and confidential at all times. In worst case scenarios, we are equipped to handle all such known possibilities which in turn results into minimal damage at your end.

  • Support

Our system provides an easy and reliable way for problem addressing. Enrolling you as our client we provide you with direct access to our help-desk system, here all you need to do is raise a support ticket and someone at our end would address it almost immediately.

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